Sunday, January 24, 2016

Week Three

So this has been a pretty interesting week so far I suppose. Remember how I was super excited to teach Victor? Well we got a new investigator instead, so we only ever got those two lessons with him and now we are teaching Marcos, who is really cool too but super receptive as well so the lessons with Victor were way more intense. Spanish is coming easier and easier, which is super awesome, and it helps a lot with teaching. The best parts of the week so far however have been devotionals. We have two of them a week and this last Sunday Janice Kapp Perry spoke (writer and composer of some of the best/most popular primary songs as well as a couple hymns) and her husband was there as well, who was beyond hilarious and even kissed her right up there on the stand when she told the story of how they first met. Apparently his first words ever to her as she was getting up for a clarinet recital (they had been in the same class all semester) were, "Those lips look like they were meant for something better than playing the clarinet." As she was speaking later she said that she knew him like a book, but she didn't always know what page he was on. They were like the picturesque old couple that everyone wants to be and it was adorable. We had a member of the first quorum of the seventy speak this last Tuesday at devotional as well, which was pretty cool, but this Wednesday we also had the first ever missionary conference. They broadcast some members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles going over teaching skills with missionaries, as well as a message from Dallin H. Oaks to all of the MTCs around the world at the same time. Speaking of members of the Quorum of the Seventy, we had an area seventy from Mexico visit our sacrament meeting and sit in and share his thoughts during our priesthood lesson as well (of which consisted only of the seven Elders in our district and a counselor of the branch presidency), which was a really cool experience. One of my favorite teaching tools this week however have been videos (thanks to my iPad), the two of which I used the most are:


A couple of Mormon messages that I really enjoyed a lot too, especially the first one, but haven't used in lessons are:


I can't really think of anything else too crazy exciting to share though -  I am still at the MTC so not a whole lot really changes from week to week but this last Wednesday marked the halfway point of my MTC stay and so I've only got about 2.5 weeks left until Argentina, which is awesome! :D

I've also attached a couple pictures from my district's temple walk this last Sunday, where we took a "roller coaster" selfie as well as just another goofy selfie. After three weeks here, pretty much anything amuses us haha.

Hope all is well with everyone!

Elder McCollum

p.s. the two guys farthest to the right in the second picture are not in our district, though they are in our zone. They were photobombing us. Also, Hermana Henrie and Elder Williams are not in either picture, so it was only 7/9 people in our district. 10/10 good photos though.

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