Friday, February 5, 2016

Week Five

Well, this will be the last time that I send out a group email from the MTC (and I suppose that means the USA as well). Next time I get a P-day will be Monday the 15th in Argentina since I head out this Monday (P-day for every missionary in the field is Mondays, it's only at the MTC that they vary).

Again, not much new this week. We haven't taught investigators all this week with all the other things we had to do (in-field orientation, other lessons, etc.) but last Friday night we taught Marco for the 6th (and last) time but committed him to baptism so that was a pretty cool note to end on though I think he was an acting member and not an actual investigator. It's really kind of surreal though because I've only got one day of classes left (tomorrow, and we all elected to have them just load us up with mission stories for those classes if possible) and that'll be the last I get to see them. Sunday then will just be sacrament meeting, our departure devotional, and then I leave first thing in the morning on the following day. It'll be way trippy.

I got a really cool picture of the Provo temple though that I attached and I'll try and get a picture of Buenos Aires too so they can be compared. One will probably have much less snow than the other. I don't really have that much else to share, but I do have two jokes, one in english and one in spanish:

1) Why do all of the Lamanites in the Book of Mormon have sore knees? Because of all the Nephites!

2) This one will take some explaining, but it's good I promise.I have to keep it in Spanish though because it's a play on words.

Que es la diferencia entre una pera y la novia de un misionero?

(es = is, una pera = a pear, la novia = girlfriend, un misionero = a missionary, so: what is the difference between a pear and the girlfriend of a missionary?)

Una es pera, el otro no espera!

(espera = wait/waits, so: one is a pear, the other is not a pear/ one is a pear, the other doesn't wait [if said out loud, it can be taken either way because the space between es and pera would be indistinguishable]). Drawn out because of the explanation I know, but I enjoyed it haha.

Anyhow, I'll get the opportunity to call people at the airport so if you get a call from a random Utah number this Monday, it is probably me. I'm sure I'll have much more to write about next week though from Argentina, so bye for now and bye USA!

Elder McCollum

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