Monday, April 4, 2016

Week Fourteen

Hey everyone! Life and missionary work are still slow out here in Chivilcoy so I actually have less fun stories than last week. My bike miraculously has not broken for over a week but I have had problems with the chain coming off from time to time, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time before something more major happens haha. When I got the handlebar replaced too, I had them put on a BMX handlebar because although it's still made of the same super cheap metal, it has more reinforcement so it doesn't bend and break (though it does need tightened down every once in a while so it doesn't rock back and forth). So, my single speed casual pedal brake bike now has BMX handlebars and all the kinds in the area like to complement me on it because they think it's awesome/hilarious. Other than that, this weekend was General Conference for the church, where all the general authorities (leaders of the church) got to speak for 4 two hour sessions over Saturday and Sunday, and that was way awesome because we got to go to the chapel to watch it (though we had to watch it in Spanish with everyone else, but I still got what they were saying :D ) and there were a lot of awesome talks given that I really enjoyed. My notes though are in hardcore Spanglish for when I could not think of a word in English or couldn't think of one in Spanish for the thing I was trying to write down and my brain just put something down on the paper haha. Also because of the conference, we didn't get to do that much work over the weekend which helped contribute to the slow week.

I did get some cool pictures though this week so I'll explain them real quick but that'll be it for this weekly email.

1) We wanted to use the oven to heat up some doughnut-stick things that a member made for us, but we rarely ever use the oven. Thus, we discovered that the gas for it only comes out when the knob is not only turned to the on position but also when it is pressed in (not supposed to work like that). SO, instead of standing there holding it pressed in, we set it where we wanted it with the knob, then took the knob off and used a couple spoons to make sure that it stayed pressed in so we could do better things with our time while it was heating up.

2) A cool picture we got of a dirt road we were riding down that was covered in fog.

3) A picture of the Chivilcoy skyline from farther out (we work in the city itself as well as farther out, obviously, and for that we use our bikes a lot. Which is also probably why they get broken a lot).

That's it for this week though, so hope everyone and everything is doing really well! Love you all and wish and hope the best for everyone!

Until next week,

Elder McCollum

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