Monday, July 25, 2016

Thirty Weeks

Hello Everyone! This has been a pretty tranquilo week, and so I don't have all that much to share, so that means that hopefully I should be able to get out some more shorter personal emails. :D 

First of all, we havef started playing soccer on Mondays for P-day with a lot of the youth that go to the church here and they in turn invite a lot of their friends to come play as well. It is a lot of fun, and with living in a city of nothing but residential houses there is not much else that we can do to entertain ourselves on P-day so it is a nice way to get a break, run around, and have a little fun with exercise. (I included photos, the field is that of the chapel; all the chapels in Argentina have soccer fields outside instead of how the chapels in the states have basketball courts inside).

As far as lessons go, we had a total of 16 this week (which is not too bad, especially for being the coldest month of the winter here (which gets to be pretty cold when you are outside the entire day by the way)) but most of them where with less active members or those that have not gone to church in a long time. We have a list off all the members that pertain to this area with their adress, and so we have been passing by to get to know them all, whether they are members or not, but that can also lead to some interesting situations. One house that we passed by this week for example, we were looking for a husband and wife and just the wife came out and told us that the husband died just last month, and so that was a nice little ball to juggle for a couple minutes while we talked to her.

Other than that though, my companion gets $10/week from his Grandpa to spend on him and his companion, and so normally once a week we get some kind of food to eat (a milanesa sandwich, empanadas, or the Choripan of last week). Well this week, he decided that he wanted to buy just a bunch of cookies and a liter of milk to eat all in one go, and so we did just that on Saturday night. We got oreos and Toddy, which are like Chips Ahoy, with one sleeve of the two different kinds each, for a grand total of 28 cookies a person. The first half was enjoyable, the second half was kind of hard to get down... I included photos for all to see just how many there were though. We just put them in a bowl and ate them like cereal.

That is about all for this week though, so I hope that everyone is doing well and has a good week to come! I love hearing from you all even if I don't respond to everyone, so keep it up!

Love you all,

Elder McCollum

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