Monday, August 29, 2016

Thirty-Five Weeks

Hello everyone!

So this has been an awesome week - in contrast to last week where we only taught 8 lessons, this week we were able to get out 19 so I am pretty happy. We have found some awesome new people to teach as well that I feel confident will be able to progress and keep up the commitments that we give them as well so I am excited for that. On one of the days this week alone as well we were able to teach 5 lessons and so we will have to see what we can do this coming week.

The weather has also been super interesting; it had finally started warming up a lot, to the point where I was wearing just short sleeve shirts and even sweating some at that, but then on Friday the Santa Rosa hit (where the cold air front and the warm air front collide down hear at the change of seasons) which caused a lot of rain and brought back the cold (to the point where I was wearing a sweater, coat, and hat). The rain only lasted about a day and a half though and now that it is gone, it has started warming up again to the point where I am wearing just a sweater. It was a small taste of the summer to come though.

Another interesting thing though is that we were finally able to visit a family that haven't been going to church for a little while but where the husband is actually from the USA (New Mexico) and has only been living here for about 4 or 5 years (prior to that his wife, who is from here, lived with him in the USA but they came back to look after her aging parents). So, we got to speak english with him and his wife (it is good practice for them too to be able to keep up on it since you can't really practice here all that much) and it was pretty weird - it took some getting used to but it was fun. They had us over for dinner too though and made us Enchiladas (a food that they don't have here, Argentina is a very European type country and they don't have mexican foods at all) so that was super tasty as well.
Lastly, You can tell that my comp and I have been on the mission for a little while - we say hi to everyone in the street and then wave to people in cars passing by, but a couple times my comp has accidentally said hola to a car that drove by, and a couple times to a parked car on an otherwise empty street. It's pretty amusing haha.

Other than that though, there is not really all that much new to share, and the computer that I am using does not have USB ports so I can't really share any photos, so that'll have to wait until next week. Hope everyone is doing well though and love you all.

Elder McCollum

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