Monday, October 10, 2016

Forty-One Weeks

Hello everyone! 

Again a very easy going week. We managed to get 17 lessons in but the majority of them were with less-active members, so there aren't that many awe-inspiring stories to be told. All in all a good week though. I don't have that much to tell, but I do have a few small anecdotes:

1) I have officially run out of all of my Yankee supplies (other than floss, but I'm not sure how much longer I will have that either). So, I am now having to use Argentine spray on deodorant (bar deodorant isn't that common here), I bought my first tube of Argentine toothpaste today, and my first razor from Argentina last week. So now I am fully immersed I suppose.

2) I managed to get my hands on a blender, and so now I have smoothies every morning for breakfast and don't really eat that much junk food anymore. My weekly groceries now include a couple small things to eat here or there, but more than anything 2-3 liters of milk, 3 kilos (6.6 lbs) of Bananas and 1 kilo (2.2 lbs) of Strawberries, and so I guess you could sum that up to a good pound of fruit every day, with a hearty glass of milk thrown in. I enjoy it, a lot. As we get closer to summer I'll throw in more fruits here and there as they come into season.

3) We had interviews with our mission president this week, and so we took the opportunity to ask for another box of 36 copies of the Book of Mormon to bring back to our pench with us (we give out a lot and we were starting to get a little low), but the thing that I didn't think about too well is the fact that we had to take public transportation to get back, which was about 15 minutes walking, 30 minutes in train, and another 10 minutes in bus. Also, just to mention, the box weighs about 40 pounds (20 kilos). Yup, I had to carry it the entire way. It really wouldn't have been that bad though, but we got to the train just at 6:00, which is the hour it is the most full. Also, full for Argentina is very different than full for the USA. First the seats fill up, then the aisles and standing room fill up, then they fill up more, and then they fill up even more. To get on at 6:00, normally you put your backpack in front of you (so you don't get robbed), put both arms in front of you like a boxer does, and then shove as if you are in a football game. A lot of the time the doors can't even close, and at that point normally one person has to get off, and then when the doors do close, everyone relaxes a little and people end up pressed against the walls and glass and you can't move two inches in any direction. I would have gotten a picture to show you but I didn't want to get my camera stolen. But we can say it was a fun journey with a 40 pound box of books, and I slept very well that night from being nice and tired.

4) Last one for this week, but I have also discovered that Argentines very much enjoy ping pong as well as soccer. Today is a Holiday in Argentina (I don't know what holiday), and so all the men from this ward got together to play soccer, eat breakfast, and have fun together. My comp and I passed by to have fun for an hour, and found out there was a ping pong table in the chapel too, and so we pulled it out and started playing with some of the members. We lost every single game. It was a lot of fun though.

Other than that though, nothing else really new. Sorry for not having any super cool or exciting stories to share, and sharing about my deodorant instead, but hopefully this coming week we can share about some cool lessons we have had too. Hope all is well with everyone though and love you all!

Elder McCollum

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