Monday, March 20, 2017

Sixty Four Weeks

Hello Everyone!

This has been a pretty busy week, but definitely not a usual one (but I guess that comes with the offices).

First of all, Elder Moreno is no longer my companion - he has already moved on to a different area, one that I just so happened to be in a while back. The last time that I was in a trio (with Elder Aguirre from Argentina and Elder Pinheiro from Brasil) was in Loma Hermosa B, my second to last area (my previous being Loma Hermosa A). Well, that was the area that he got assigned to, and so when he goes to church on Sundays he´ll be able to see Kevin, Diego, and Esteban. So it´s just Elder Ehlert and I now that work in our area (all the same though, there are 3 other Elders in the offices). 

In our area though, we had some pretty awesome lessons this week. We found a few new people to teach too, which is always super awesome. One is super friendly with us and has a little shop where he sells football jerseys among other small little things, and after teaching him for the first time (we taught him in his shop in downtime) he gifted me and my comp each a can of aerosol cologne "since you spend all day walking in the street." It gave me a chuckle, but it actually was pretty quality so I've definitely been taking advantage and using it the last few days haha. The other people that we found to teach are couple in their 20s that have a 7 year old son, and that live in the Villa de los Russos. They too were pretty awesome and I look forward to going back to visit them.

I had mentioned as well that we were going to have a potential of 4 baptisms this last weekend, but in the end none of them ended up getting baptized. Two of them are going to get baptized this weekend though (Armando and Milagros), and we need to help one of the other two (Fabian) get a stronger testimony before he commits to baptism, and the last (Cristian) is completely ready to get baptized, he just wants to wait on Fabian to be able to get baptized together. Here's to hoping they can all make it soon though. :)

Other than that though, life in the offices has been crazy - we have been having special trainings these last couple of weeks, with interviews with the mission president for the entire mission, and then this coming week we are going to have a temple trip as a mission ( :D ) on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday so that means having to be in the offices at 6:30 every day this week, and then next week we are going to keep going with all the interviews and special trainings. It´s a lot of fun though being able to help out other missionaries too as well as teaching about the gospel. It definitely keeps you busy though, that's for sure.

As I mentioned though, we are going to have a temple trip this week, and so I am super excited to be able to go again. It has been about 8 months since the last time that we went as a mission, and so it will be super awesome to be able to go back again.

Other than that though, not all that much new to be honest. I´ll include some pictures taken by Elder Moreno of the people that we are teaching though. Until next time though, hope you all have a great week!

Elder McCollum

273: Yamila - a recent convert of Elder Moreno and Elder Ehlert.
274: Hna Cisneros - the mom of Yamila and a member now going on a few years but that is basically like a mom to the missionaries.
278: Brian (in the vest), a convert of a little over a year, and his brother Cristian (in the shorts) who wants to be baptized already, but is just waiting on Fabian.
293: Juan Pedro (striped shirt), a recent convert of Elder Moreno and Elder Ehlert, and his son Armando (shirt with the mouths on it), and Milagros (girl on the right). Armando and Milagros should hopefully get baptized this Saturday.
299: Members that we come across a lot (they live in the Villa de Los Russos and we are always passing by the door of their house). This day we had lunch them and so grabbed a photo.

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