Monday, March 7, 2016

Week Ten

Not a whole lot new this week so this email will be kind of short with just a few updates/stories probably.
First off, still waiting on my camera getting fixed so no cool pictures of Argentina or anything like that but I did steal some pictures off of my companions camera: One is of a burger we get from time to time here that is about a foot long and insanely delicious, another few are of my bike break from this week, and then another is of the mud covering my bike just before we washed it (it had been a hard rain the day before and we had to go down some dirt [mud] roads.
As far as investigators go, Mario is still being the same towards my comp but friendly to me.
We were out trying to contact a reference that Diego had given us (one of his friends) and when we knocked, out came Diego, drunk. It was his friends birthday and he gave in but I found out from the Hermanas that taught him before us that he has had drinking problems since he was age ten because he and his brother were kidnapped and raped, and his brother was killed right in front of him and he always felt some kind of guilt over it. He'd given up drinking for the month before his baptism but we're going to go visit him today. He still has a way strong testimony and still loves the Book of Mormon so hopefully we'll be able to help him through it. We haven't really taught that many other people this week but I'm hoping that we'll be able to find some new people in this week to come because our plans keep dropping through for the people that we are trying to teach (mostly old investigators from before I got here) so the work has been moving kind of slow.
As far as the branch here goes, we will probably be getting a new mission leader here soon (helps missionaries work with and coordinate with members about missionary work, etc.) and the person that it will likely be is this awesome old man named Hermano Beatrice. In his younger years he was a wrestler and he has had almost every leadership calling that a church member can have and was also a temple sealer for 17 years and so he always has all kinds of cool stories to tell or awesome advice to give.
As far as Argentina goes, the weather is finally cooling down and I'm loving it. I fall asleep way fast and actually sleep through the night really well without waking up and being too hot or too cold.
I do believe that that is all for this week though, so random thing I saw in Argentina this week: A restaurant called "Infierno de los pollos" or in English "Hell for chickens" and it had a picture of a devil holding a bunch of roasted chickens on a pitchfork. I thought it was pretty funny.
I will talk to you all next week and love hearing from you all!
Elder McCollum

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