Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Week Twelve

Hello everyone! Not that much time to write this week but to be honest there isn't all that much new, so I'll just cover a few short things and send a bunch of photos instead (I have a new working camera, so I can actually take pictures again! :D)

1) I have a new companion and his name is Elder Wolfe - he is from Colorado and he only has a few months left in the mission (the same as Elder Groen) but we had to change comps in a flash (emergency transfer) a week before actual transfers because Mario was making subtle threats about Elder Groen while talking to other people so now Elder Groen is working in capital while I stay (Mario has no problems with me) but because of that I got some cool pictures of the city from on top of the Sky Pension!

2) I got to milk a cow yesterday morning so that was the second to last thing I got to do with Elder Groen (the last thing was buy matching ties since he was my first comp in the field (dad) and trainer, so we got a picture together wearing them as our last picture together.

3) Two of the Hermanas here in Chivilcoy are going home this next weekend because it's the end of their mission and so one of the member families got us all together and fed us all lunch, and it was an awesome time (and they have a lot of kids too, so there was a lot of us sitting there at the table haha) and I really appreciated it.

4) My bike broke again a few times - the back fender broke on it (it was old and the brackets rusted/broke off) and so now I have two new chrome ones. The left crankarm also broke so we got a new one of those and today I am taking it in to get a new handlebar since the one on it is about to break. Again. Also, our grips were stolen off of them as they were locked outside our pension overnight so we have to get new ones of those as well. Oh well though, it is what it is haha.

That's all I have time for this week though, so I will talk again next week! Love you all and wish the best for everyone!
-Elder McCollum

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