Monday, September 26, 2016

Thirty-Nine Weeks

Hello Everyone!

This has been an easy going week - we taught 15 lessons but all but 3 of them were with members that haven't gone to church in a good while instead of with new people that we found to teach. One of the people that we were teaching that was awesome (Carlos, the one that moved to our area recently because of the terrible landlord) moved to Mendoza during the week, and Julio (the man that is afraid of dying) is going to be about 6 hours away by plan for his work as well for the next week and a half and so the work will probably be a little slow for the time being haha. We do have the familia Martinez still in the area though, and they are really cool. One of the women in the family got baptized a little over a year ago with her children, but they live in the area of other Elders. When I was on divisions (where we change companions for the day) I met them though and they said that we could pass by for their sisters that live in our area and so we did and they were super receptive to us. We visited them for the first time a week and a half ago, and then this last week we visited them again and they drove us back to our apartment afterwards so that we didn't have to walk (they were our last visit of the night). They in turn then told us of yet another sister that also lives in our area and said that she could be found most easily in her work, a hair salon, which was perfect because I also needed a haircut. On Saturday then I went to get my haircut and met her too, and she said that she recieved Elders before as well and that the next time we visit with her sister (the one we have been teaching) maybe she can be there as well. Also, she didn't charge me for the haircut which was super awesome and super nice of her.

Another fun nice thing that happened to us is that we were heading back towards our pench the end of a different night and a man that had a handcart selling things stopped us and gave us each a bag of sugar coated peanuts, thanked us for what we were doing, and then said he hoped to see us some day on the other side of heaven, and kept going. It was something super small but super cool and it made my day.

Another bizarre experience that I had that doesn't happen every day either is that this Sunday in church there was a pure Yankee that didn't even speak spanish. There was a member that got married this last week that was companions in his mission (Brazil, speaking Portugese) with that Yankee for 6 months, and so he invited him to his wedding and he came. So, I got to speak with a Yankee that knew very very little spanish and that wasn't a missionary. It was kind of bizarre to be honest, especially when he pulled out his Samsung Galaxy in an OtterBox case (a very yankee thing - they don't have very nice smartphones here, nor OtterBox cases) to show us a couple photos.

Other than that though, nothing really new, so hope you all have a good week!

Elder McCollum

1) The nuts that the man gave us.
2) My comp was playing with my camera and this photo turned out. Figured I'd send it.

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