Monday, September 12, 2016

Thirty-Seven Weeks

Hello everyone!

Well this has been a really fun week, and I had a few cool stories but I am on a pretty slow computer so I've had time to pretty much to just read emails from everyone in this time, so it'll have to be kind of short. The biggest news though is that we have transfers tomorrow and so I will be getting a new companion (but staying in my area, Libertad). His name is Elder Mayorga and he has 10 months on the mission and is a Yankee as well, but I have heard he is part Mexican so it'll be somewhat like haveing a Latino comp again (not really, but he does speak spanish 100% fluent so there is that - I can get to improve mine a lot). 

This week though we had some really cool lessons, mostly with new people. One was with a Carlos that lives in a super humble house because he got kicked out of his old home because of really terrible landlords putting all kinds of false charges against him and his family, and even having groups waiting for him outside to beat on him, so they left their home and everything in a hurry. He also grew up as an orphan in the streets since 14 years old but never got into theft, drugs, or alcohol, and has had a very clean life besides up until now all things considered and with all the trials that he had to face.

We also taught Julio again and found out that he is scared to die. He is 60 somethings years old and has diabetes, and a couple other health conditions and so he has realized that he is coming up on the later years of his life, and so wants to learn what he can about what comes next and how to fix all the bad things he has done wrong in the past. He also said something that really got to me because I've never actually thought in that frame of mind before, but he said "I know I have to go, I just don't want to go now." We got him to pray to finish the lesson though and he actually starting crying while doing so. It was a really cool and a really touching experience.

That is about all for this week though. I got one last photo of Elder McDonald and I to send to you all but this computer doesn't have USB so maybe next week I guess haha. Hope you all have a good week though!

Elder McCollum

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