Monday, December 26, 2016

Fifty Two Weeks

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas - this week has been pretty easy-going with the holidays. There weren't a whole lot of people that we were able to visit with the Holiday rush, and so this email will be mostly about Christmas in the Mission.

First of all, I had a pack of Peppermint hot chocolate that I got in my stocking for Christmas last year that I never got around to drinking before going on the mission, so I threw it in my suitcase to drink on a rainy day. A little while back too then when I was in Libertad, I got a candy cane from a member that lives here but is from the USA (candy-canes don't exist here, or really anything peppermint for that matter), and so in that moment I decided to save it with my hot chocolate to drink on Christmas day. It didn't survive as well as maybe I had hoped but it turned out very tasty all the same. 

Also, in our family we always ate Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast on Christmas day, so I made some of those (with A LOT of cream cheese frosting). They were also very tasty.

On Christmas day we had a very tasty lunch with a very nice family (Familia Alfonso) and for the afternoon we visited with the Familia Le Pera (photos included of both). Also, I wore my ugly sweater christmas tie all day long and didn't get a single comment on it. I guess Argentines don't do ugly christmas sweaters.

Other fun things too though are the heat here (included is a drawing of our back-up plans for one day - we had to work in an area where we had three appointments in a couple hour time-span but nobody to visit in-between and so we had to spend that time in the sun contacting. Also, I got to Skype with my family on Christmas day and that was a lot of fun too.

Last of all, and it's weird to say, but this week I will finish a year in the mission (30 December) and so I will give a review of my time up until now:

Provo MTC (6 Weeks)
Chivilcoy (13 Weeks)
Atalaya A (6 Weeks)
Parque San Martin A (2 Weeks)
Libertad (16 Weeks)
Loma Hermosa B (6 Weeks)
Loma Hermosa A (3 Weeks and ongoing)

Elder Micah Casablanca (MTC, 6 Weeks, from Florida)
Elder Dalton Groen (Chivilcoy, 6 Weeks, Utah, my trainer)
Elder Andrew Wolfe (Chivilcoy, 7 Weeks, Colorado, my 2nd trainer)
Elder Daniel Quezada (Atalaya A, 6 Weeks, Santiago Chile)
Elder Jacob McDonald (Parque SM/Libertad, 12 Weeks, California)
Elder Lehi Mayorga (Libertad, 6 Weeks, Mexico/Texas)
Elder Matias Dominguez (Loma B, 3 Weeks, San Juan Argentina)
Elder Italo Pinheiro (Loma B, 3 Weeks, Fortaleza Brasil)
Elder Nahuel Aguirre (Loma B/A, 2 Weeks, Salta Argentina)
Elder Jeffrey Dosdall (Loma A, 3 Weeks and going, Utah, my son in the mission)

Diego Rojas (Chivilcoy)
Belen (Atalaya A)

People I taught that later got baptized:
Alberto and Aliana Suarez (Atalaya A)
Violeta (Atalaya A, daughter of Alberto and Aliana)
Cynthia and Marcelo (Atalaya A)
Hna Antonia (Mom of Belen)

Other than that though there isn't all that much new, and so I hope you all have a Happy New Year!

Elder McCollum


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