Monday, January 2, 2017

Fifty Three Weeks

Hello Everyone!

So this has been a pretty interesting week again, but this time not so much for the holidays.

First of all, I can share about Kevin - a kid that is 15 years old that is progressing towards being baptized on the 14th of January. He is super awesome and super excited. The majority of his family (he lives with his mom and his siblings) are members but don't really go to church all that much anymore and a few of his brothers are going to a different church, but he was never baptized. We visit him almost every day though and he loves learning, and as we teach him he goes remembering things from when he was in the Primary as a little kid. We also passed him a bunch of cartoon videos that tell some of the major stories of the Book of Mormon (Living Scriptures, you can also find them on YouTube) to help him as he reads it to better understand and he has gone through and already watched almost all of them. The other day we visited him as well and his friend was over and so he went inside and found an extra Book of Mormon that they had and tossed it his way and made him sit there and listen to the lesson as well, which was super cool. His friend (Ian) enjoyed it though so we left him with his own copy of the Book of Mormon as well. 

This week we also had interviews with President Robertson and so that was really cool as well. We had to travel on a super hot day though in a public bus wearing a suit jacket so that part was maybe less cool. This Thursday though we get to go back to the offices because my companion has to get his Argentine ID and so I might be able to make yet another trip to Capital. We'll have to see though if it works out though that I can go too.

Speaking of heat though, it has been right at the 40 degree mark here for the last few days, peaking on New Years Eve at 41 (105 fahrenheit). That day we were outside in the sun from 3pm until 6pm more or less and I drank between 2 and 3 liters of water (from my Camelback :D ) and didn't have to go to the bathroom once, having pretty much sweated it all out since it's also super humid here too. Since it was New Years Eve though we had to be back insde earlier to avoid all the drunks and people in the street that might cause problems and so we were in the AC at around 7:00 at least. 

As far as new years then though, we didn't do all that much though they once again set off a lot of fireworks outside. They set off less than at christmas but I did find one in the street with the name "Lord William" on the side that had between 200 and 300 shots to send off (and fireworks here are frequently the kind that shoot into the sky as well, which was the case with this). It was massive though and so I nabbed a picture to share. 

One last thing too though is that I saw a drawing that I liked that a member was working on (he is learning to draw people/faces and started with the eyes, and is now working on learning how to draw noses better) and so I decided to give it a shot starting with an eye and I think it came out okay. Maybe I'll give it a little more practice to help me relax if we have a little more free time here or there cause it was kind of fun to do, but I included a picture so you all can judge for yourselves too.

Other than that though, there isn't all that much else new, so I hope you all have a good week and love you all!

Elder McCollum

The eye I was working on learning on drawing as a start. The graph paper was attempt number one, my agenda was attempt number two but I'm not sure which actually turned out better haha.

New years even was so hot that even my legs were sweating. Included are photos of how wet my pants got. (I would have just taken a general picture, but you couldn't really notice it on my shirt since white looks the same wet and dry.)

The Lord Williams firework. Not sure who bought it, but I'm sure it was expensive and I'm pretty sure it probably made a pretty big boom.

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