Monday, May 30, 2016

Twenty-two Weeks

So this has been a fairly slow week with a lot of other small things going on so I don't really have that many cool stories to share this week. We did do divisions though (where we switch companions for a day) so I did get some cool experiences from that. I got a lot of suggestions in ways that I can improve teaching and be a bit more effective at finding people to teach (which I really appreciated), but we also had a really awesome lesson with someone who is only recently a member named Carlitos (Carlos, but people call him Carlitos which would be little Carlos, but kind of a term of endearment). Carlitos is the same age as us but living on his own in a little tiny house about the size of a garage, working and providing for himself. When he was really young his mom abandoned him and then his dad passed away when he was about 15. As a result, he was into a lot of drugs and alcohol at one point until one night he prayed for help from god. Later that week missionaries showed up at his door and started teaching him and now he is baptized, drug and alcohol free and has goals to serve a mission as well. He hasn't been to church in a few weeks though, but as I said we had a really great super spiritual lesson with him and he made it to church this sunday.

We also were able to do some service for my first time here in the mission by helping an investigator clean out their garage, so that was super enjoyable. We planned service this coming week for Familia Suarez too, so I am really looking forward to that as well. We planned it with the father of the family, so we will pass by when the mother is at work and clean up their front yard so that when she comes home everything will be super neat, clean, and organized - it'll be awesome to find out how she reacts.

Other than that though, not really anything else, so I'll attach a few photos as well:

The first is a photo of our area (at night once we were back in the pench)
The second is my desk for planning - my hands were kind of cold so I bought a candle to warm them up and was drinking Mate (Argentine drink) while planning.
The third is a giant pot of Locro (stew) that was made for an activity in the chapel that I had to grab a photo of because of the amount that was made.
The fourth is a photo of Mantecol, which is more or less a kind of giant Peanut Butter bar that we bought because it weighed about one pound and was only $3 dollars. It was super tasty.

That wraps it up for this week though, so until next week I love you all and hope everyone is doing well!


Elder McCollum

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