Monday, June 6, 2016

Twenty Three Weeks

Hello Everyone, I hope you all are doing well. We again had a pretty relaxed week - it has been raining a lot (which paired with the cold makes for an interesting time haha) so it's been kind of hard finding new people to teach, and it's also a little difficult to visit and teach some of the people that we normally do because if there is not a man in the house, we can't go in for respect of the woman and her partner (so we normally sit outside on the doorstep to teach if it is just a woman, which oftentimes it is). The families that we have been able to visit are doing awesome though - Familia Suarez now has a marriage date so that they can be baptized (don't know if I mentioned that last week) but Elder Quezada and I are super excited for them - their baptism is planned for July 2nd and we are now teaching their daughters as well that are about 13 and 15. Normally when we would teach, they would listen but if we asked them to read something or participate they would leave but they are showing much more interest now so we are super excited to hopefully be able to baptize them as a family instead of just the parents. There is also someone that has been coming to church for a long time that isn't yet baptized, but her daughter (Belen, 8 years old) came up to the point where she could be and so we had to teach her all the missionary lessons about the church and the gospel, and she was baptized this last Saturday. It was super awesome and both her and her mom were super happy (I included a photo of them together). Other than that though, we have just been working a lot with members. If you remember the Familia Perez that I mentioned a couple weeks ago (the one that was watching a video about opening the door when god knocks just as we arrived) - we have visited them a few times since. We also have extremely spiritual visits with them and the Hermana has opened up to us wide open with all the problems she has with her own faith and doubts, as well as how all that mixes in with her and her family. Every time we go though, I feel as though we are able to genuinely help them and it leaves me dumbfounded at times how a couple of twenty year olds can really help people that already have a family with kids our same age, a house, businesses, etc. It really is crazy the work that we do here and I love every minute of it.

Other than that though, we haven't had too many crazy adventures now that I don't have a bike haha. We did have a meeting with all of our district though and the Zone Leaders were there so we took the opportunity to grab a selfie of all of us together, so now you can all know who are the missionaries in the area near me.

Other than that, nothing new so I'll talk again next week!

Elder McCollum

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