Monday, January 16, 2017

Fifty Five Weeks

Hello Everyone!

This has been a very awesome week! (There was a baptism involved) :)

So first of all we had divisions on Tuesday and so I got to go work in Villa Tesei for the day. It was a cool experience but something that was really cool is that I got to say hi to a member that I knew from a previous area. Durning the time that I was in Libertad there was a member named Hernan that would go out and teach with us from time to time, but he got married and moved to Villa Tesei with his new wife and I hadn't really seen him since. Doing divisions in Villa Tesei though, I was able to see him again though, so that was pretty cool.

Another super fun thing that we did this week though was a Family Home Evening with Kevin, his mom, and one of his older brothers, Nico. We made tacos and tortillas (they don't have tacos in Argentina, it's a mexican thing) but I made a couple of salsas to bring along too. We had a good time cooking and everything came out super tasty, and it was a really fun way to spend the evening. I included some pictures of it, including me in an apron cutting up a potato (so my comp could have some vegetarian tacos).

Other than that though, there has been a lot of rain this week. It rained a whole lot on Friday, to the point where I couldn't even really see in the rain, and my companion and I got soaked. I had on a raincoat and my shoes were supposedly waterproof, but somehow I got wet somewhat even through the raincoat and my pants and socks got so soaked that it dripped down into my shoes, leaving water inside of them that couldn't get out because they were waterproof and left me walking in waterlogged shoes for the rest of the afternoon. What made it hysterical though is that while visiting someone I stretched my legs out (thus tipping my shoes back) and some water poured out on their floor (luckily it was concrete though - carpet does not really exist here). My shoes took some time to dry though the rest of my clothes dried quick and so meanwhile I wore my other pair. Yesterday though it was raining fairly hard again and so my other pair of shoes got wet too, though not as bad. Luckily though, the first pair were by then dry so I am now wearing them again haha.

Another fun photo then is what happened when my comp forgot that he had put a couple of Soy Hot Dogs in the oven for lunch and then we went out to work, coming back at night to a funny smell. Lesson learned - don't forget your Soy Hot Dogs in the oven for 6 hours - they come out Black and Hollow...

And now for the coolest part of the week - KEVIN GOT BAPTIZED!!! :D

It was a super awesome experience. We had to be in the church for the entire afternoon to fill up the font, as the service was at 7pm but when he showed up, he showed up in a vest and suit jacket, with dress shoes and his mom showed up in a nice dress (he has only made it to church thus far in a nice button up shirt and jeans). There was a good turnout of other people to though to be there and support him, which was awesome. He asked me to be the one to baptize him, and so we changed, got a few more photos and went to the service. He was super nervous, but his baptism went really well and he has really learned and grown a lot. I have seen a good amount of change in him, but not just him but rather his whole family. They as a whole are doing a whole lot better than when we had just first started visiting them and it really testifies to me of the truthfulness of what we do. I know that this is the path to be able to have lasting happiness, and to be able to get on just fine, no matter what life throws at you. I know that by following the things that we teach that you can grow closer together as a family and that you can really find a purpose in everything that you do. I have seen it time and time again since being here in Argentina, but it was awesome to be able to have such a blatant reminder with the baptism of Kevin, and I just wanted you all to know that.

The following day Kevin was confirmed a member of the church (once again is his suit and tie) and recieved the gift of the Holy Ghost. The family was doing great when we visited them later that afternoon but Kevin said he didn't want us to go (get transferred to a different area) and so I was a little scared of that with transfers happening today. Luckily though I will be staying in this area for at least one transfer more with Elder Dosdall (so we were informed today) and so I am looking forward to another awesome six weeks ahead of me.

Love you all though and hope that everyone is doing well!

Elder McCollum

-Tacos with Kevin, his mom, and Nico
-Kevin, his mom, my comp and I dressed up for the baptismal service
-Just before the baptism
-Turnout at the baptismal service
-My companion's burnt soy hot dogs

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