Monday, January 9, 2017

Fifty Four Weeks

Hello Everyone!

I realized last week that in almost every email I say "It has been a really interesting week" so I am determined not to say it this week haha. I don't know why I do it, maybe I just don't know how to open a letter haha but I have enjoyed this last week.

First of all we can talk about a few people that we have been visiting I suppose. First of all we have Kevin, who is doing great. Talking with him and preparing him for his baptismal interview he said that he had prayed about whether or not the Book of Mormon was true and recieved his response that it was. He keeps up with all the commitments that we leave him and has a lot of friends in church already, and him and his mom came to church on Sunday without us even having to go to their house to head there together. This week we hope to have a family home evening with them to make Tacos and watch a church film and so we are super excited for that. (Side note is that Tacos don't exist here and tortillas don't really exist either, they're from Mexico and so they are just as excited to eat Tacos as we are).

This week we also got to know the Hermana Castillo, a member that is a little old and frail now and so it makes it hard to be able to go to church. She has a heart of gold though and so though we weren't able to because of the rain this last Sunday, we hope to be able to get her to the church (about 10-12 blocks away) in her wheelchair, and she is excited for the idea as well. 

On Thursday then we had to go to the mission offices so that my companion could get his DNI (Argentine identification) and so as he went to Capital federal to do all his tramites (paperwork) they sent me on divisions for a few hours with the Elders of San Justo, an area close by and right next to my second area. It was a lot of fun to be able to do that too, and my companion certainly enjoyed running about in Capital.

On Friday then, we had normal divisions with our district leader and my companion stayed in our area to guide it by himself for the first time, though it was very easy going because our district leader had to do two baptismal interviews (one for Kevin and one for Yesica, someone the other Elders in our ward were teaching that got baptised and confirmed this last weekend, and so is now a member). Both interviews passed, and so Kevin is going to have his baptism this coming up weekend and we are very excited for him. It will also be my companion's first baptism and so he is even more excited for that as well. I worked for the day too then in Hurlingham with Elder Hammond, our district leader's companion. It was a super cool day for us too because everything seemed to line up perfect and we were able to teach pretty much one lesson after another, finishing the day with 9 lessons. I had never before taught that many in one day in the mission up until now, but it was a super cool experience and I got to visit with a lot of really cool people.

Sunday then would be the last day of the week and that went really well too. In church we had two investigators show up (Kevin and Esteban) which was super awesome, as well as a few less active members that we like to visit from time to time. Afterwards too then we had lunch with Kevin and his mom and then went out to visit some families with the Hermano Le Pera, and that was a lot of fun. As we were visiting one family though we were sitting outside and a kid came up to us saying that he got baptized a good while ago but that he had stopped going and had fallen on some really hard times (losing parents and falling into addictions as well) and asked us to visit him some time. We went to where he said his house was afterwards but he wasn't there and so at the end of the day I looked it up in the ward directory and it checks out that he is in fact a member. Member or not I would have helped him, but it was kind of tough to see such a young person (20 years I think, or younger) that had fallen so hard. We are going to see if we can get in contact with him this week though and try and help him out so I'll try and give any updates on that later.

Sorry that this week I don't have any photos, but I hope all of you have a good week and want you to know that I really care for you all. 

Elder McCollum

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