Monday, April 24, 2017

Sixty Eight Weeks

Hello Everyone!

This has been a really good week!

To be honest, there has been not a whole lot going on, but one really cool thing that we did this week was go to our mission President's house for P-day (our day off) and we played American football, Frisbee, ping-pong, and tether-ball with his two kids, Dallin and Dallas. His wife then made us a super tasty lunch of a mexican-ish chicken and an ice cream dessert that was a base of crushed up oreos with ice cream on top, and a topping of frozen strawberries and strawberry jam. It was super super good, and President cut us each a huge slice of it with a grin, so that was awesome. :)

Afterwards too then, me and my companions had to go to Capital Federal (capital city of Buenos Aires) to look for a passport of a missionary that had lost in traveling. It was hilarious though because ElderSmellie and I were just in normal everyday clothes, but Elder Durfee had brought a shirt and tie and changed into before leaving President's house so we were walking around dressed completely different and it was pretty funny looking. 

I also had to drive out to Lujan with Elder Venecia this week and it really started feeling like Fall. In the city, you don't notice the change of seasons all that much but there were some awesome tree lined drives that got it really feeling like Fall. Also, we passed by the Basilica (a HUGE catholic chapel that is known by all of Buenos Aires and located in Lujan). It was a really cool sight to see but we didn't actually have a chance to stop and get out to look it at since we were working, but we managed to get a picture while driving bye.

We have been able to get out to our area a decent amount this last week though, which is awesome. I got a picture from a member's house of the area that we most work in, Villa de Los Russos, and so I will include a picture so that you can see what it looks like. One of our investigators (a 15 year old named Cristian) that lives in Villa de Los Russos has been sharing the gospel with all of his family and this Sunday he brought his sister and 3 of his cousins with him to church, as well as his older brother who is already a member. It was super awesome to see them all there, along with a few other investigators that came. We really are super blessed with our area - we see so many small miracles, and even though we spend less time in our area than I have been able to spend in past areas when I wasn´t in the offices we are able to have a lot of success with finding people to help and teach. It´s really awesome.
There isn't really all that much more that happened this week though, so I hope that you all have a good week!

Elder McCollum

1629 - Villa de Los Russos (Where we spend most of the time in our area)
1630 - Villa de Los Russos Panoramic

1635 - Tree Lined Drive Number 1
1644 - Tree Lined Drive Number 2

1648 - La Basilica - Giant Catholic chapel

8751 - All of us in the Office

0427 - Us with Dallin and Dallas playing Ultimate Frisbee
0429 - Ice Cream dessert at President's house

0443 - A Huge villa that we saw on our way to capital federal - it was a good few stories tall, many blocks large, and had just walkways to get around inside no wider than a hallway.

0452 - Skyscrapers in Capital Federal
0455 - Elder Durfee dressed up while Elder Smellie and I were in normal clothes during our trip to Capital Federal to look for the passport.​​​​

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