Saturday, April 8, 2017

Sixty Six Weeks

Hello Everyone!
In the offices we are in the process of going through transfers (which will happen on Tuesday) and so I will not be able to write on Monday like normal. They gave us today to write, and so hey! I am writing you all early. :) 

All the same though, there is not all that much to share because a lot of the super fun stuff (like helping people come to church) happens during the weekend. This week though with transfers coming up we have been super busy in the offices though and maybe not so much in our area. 

First of all, our mission is going to be changing phone providers (I think that I mentioned this last week) but I have to figure out how to coordinate that all and make sure that everyone in the mission is able to keep going with their phone with as little downtime as possible. There are approximately 100 phones in the mission and each one will be receiving a new sim card, and about 25 of them will have to have the phone replaced as well. It has taken a little of my time to try and figure out how to coordinate it all (there is no written process for it, you just have to figure out what works best and do it), and so that has been kind of fun. I'm sending a picture of all 130 phone chips that we recieved (we received 30 extra as spares) so you can have an idea of what that looks like in case you were curious haha.

Also, Elder Ehlert is going to be leaving the offices this transfer, and so I already have a new companion, Elder Durfee, because Elder Ehlert had to train him in all his responsibilities that he has to perform in the offices as well. He is from Utah, but I have never met perhaps a single person in my life that smiles as much as he does. It's kind of freaky at times, but really contagious haha. 

Other than that, Cristian (our investigator) is still doing really well. He keeps on inviting all his cousins to listen to us, and so we have found yet a few more new people to teach this week. We have also been able to visit some other people that we haven´t been able to see in a while, but as I said we have been mostly in the offices with transfers going on and haven´t had a lot of time to get out to our area. Next week though, all should hopefully be back to normal. 

There´s not really all that much new for this week though, so the email for this week is kind of short. Hope you all are doing well though, and hope you all have a great week!

Elder McCollum

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