Monday, June 20, 2016

Twenty Five Weeks

Hello everyone! This week has been pretty long (but in a good way) - there has been a lot going on. First of all, it's the end of the transfer, and I'll be going to a new area with a new Companion! (Parque San Martin with Elder McDonald). It's a little sad because I'll be with a Yankee but his last companion before me was my very first companion (dad) here in Argentina (Elder Groen). What's more is that my second companion in the mission (stepdad) (Elder Wolfe) was in that area just before Elder Groen was, so it's kind of funny that I'll end up there now too. Other big news is that my companion here (Elder Quezada) is also going somewhere different because they are going to close this area for a few months, as well as the area of the hermanas so the ward where I am serving right now will be without missionaries for a time. It was awesome getting to know all the members and other people that we taught though, and they are all super sad that we are going to be leaving so the last few days have been spent visiting them and saying our goodbyes and as soon as I'm done here, we are going to have lunch with yet another family in the Ward.

Also, I got to perform the baptism for someone that the Hermanas have been teaching (Mariela), so that was a really awesome experience (as always). 

One day during the week all the missionaries from this zone also all got together to do a bunch of contacting (finding new people to teach) in one of the other areas. I ended up with the zone leader on divisions for the rest of the day as well, and we had to travel to yet another area to perform a baptismal interview for someone that an Elder who goes home today was teaching. Because of that, we also ate lunch over there (an incredible Asado, I have included a picture of the pile of meat that we shared, but we also had french fries, potato salad, and some homemade sauces to eat with the meat ------ it was super good). After all that though, we had to figure out how to get back to Atalaya and we ended up arriving at 7:30pm (we were thinking we were going to be back at 4:00) because we spent a lot of time waiting for various different busses and at the end we ended up accidentally travelling into the Buenos Aires South Mission on accident (it borders our area), then taking another bus to somewhere where we would actually know how to get back to Atalaya, and then finally the bus we needed. It was a bit of an adventure to say the least.

I do think that that is pretty much all for this week though, so enjoy the photos. Love you all and until next week!
Elder McCollum

1) Our zone gathered together for the contacting activity.
2) The giant pile of Asado that was so very delicious.
3) A photo of me and the Zone Leader when we finally made it back to Atalaya (We are holding our Sube, the card you use to travel in the busses).
4) Mariela just before her baptism.

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