Monday, June 13, 2016

Twenty Four Weeks

Hello everyone! All has been going well this week and I do have a few short stories to tell but the keyboard for the computer that I am using is pretty bad shape so we'll see how they turn out.

First of all, the Familia Suarez keep on being capos. There was an activity for family history this past Saturday in a different chapel held by the church to teach people how to do genealogy work and fill out your family tree and keep looking for people. The dad and his daughter went (the mom was working) and learned a ton and then came back and kept working on it on their own. He has already filled out his family tree past his great grandparents and keeps on working on it, but it was super interesting for him.

Another really cool thing that happened is that we have been visiting a member that hasn't gone to church in years and talking with him and then this last Sunday he came and almost every person was giving him hugs and saying hello because they hadn't seen him in forever and he seemed to be in a lot better spirits seeing a lot of old friends, as well as going to church instead of just working working workinga all the time.

As for some funny things that I have seen this past week, we were trying to contact one house when a little old lady of about 70 years or more came out of her house next door to see what we were up to. She said that her neighbor (the house we were trying to contact) wasn't there and as soon as we said thank you and started to head her way to talk to her she turned around on the spot and practically ran back into her house. I've never seen a little old lady move so fast, but I guess she didn't want to talk to the missionaries haha.

Also, walking down the street the other day we saw a police car parked on the side of the road with the hood up as if something had gone wrong and someone was fixing it before walking away to get something, but as we went by we noticed that somebody had been stealing stuff out of it because it didn't have a battery at all. That was mildly amusing to see.

Lastly, I got a haircut (no photos yet, sorry) and ripped my first pair of pants in the mission haha. We were leaving someones house and they caught on a very roughly cut metal gate/door leaving their property and ripped right over the pocket (including the pocket). For that one, I do have a photo (only photo of the week, sorry) but I have  other pairs of pants so there is no need to worry. What's more, the tear is actually two perfectly straight lines so it can be fixed without too much trouble (and still look normal unless you are trying to find problems) and I can keep them as a spare pair.

Other than that, it is getting colder and colder. Our pension hovers right around 16 degrees (60 degrees fahrenheit) and outside it can get down to around 4 degrees (40 degrees fahrenheit) so we are almost always bundled up nice and cozy. We drink lots of Mate Cocido (Argentine herbal hot drink that everyone drinks starting at about age 1.5, literally) and my favorite visits are in the houses of members that have awesome gas heaters (we can only use electric heaters for safety, but they normally have gas which put out way more heat). 

Other than that, there is not really much new. Transfers will be next Tuesday so I will find out whether I stay in this area or if I will end up going somewhere new on Sunday. I'll let you all know my fate next Monday. Hope everyone is doing well though!

Until next week,
Elder McCollum

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